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Gordon is a prolific artist working primarily in 3D /sculpture in both urban and rural environments. Inspiration for his work comes from natural forms – for example the weather, vast rural landscape and sky, flight of birds – but he is equally as excited and inspired by harsh, contemporary industrial materials and surroundings. He explores and plays with people, humour, and form through his thought – provoking short films, and has enjoyed working on educational programmes and commission with children and young people.

History of work:

1999 – present – ELEMENTS

Full time professional artist. Gordon’s versatility has meant that he has been able to support himself and his family by taking on a range of creative commissions and fulfilling educational work, whilst at the same time continuing to develop as a professional sculptor with his passion for 3D work.

In 1999 with other artists he launched a contemporary arts group called CAOS with over 60 members who successfully worked toward creating new venues in Swindon.

In 2001 Gordon and his partner formed the renowned community arts company No Added Sugar who specialise in highly successful participatory arts work with children, and young people at risk, as well as working on an impressive range of commissions for schools and public spaces.

1976 – 1998 METAL – WOOD – GLASS

METAL After leaving Dorcan School in Swindon in 1976 Gordon was apprenticed to British Rail to learn coachbuilding and metalwork.

“Green Man”

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During this time he began building his portfolio of 3D wall hangings and paintings – exploring all the materials he could get his hands on: wire, glass, hair, canvas, wood,

WOOD In 1982 he developed carpentry skills and was employed by Swindon Borough Council as a professional carpenter



GLASS By 1995 Gordon had started a series of solo exhibitions, as well as supporting his family by working in the glass industry, developing specialist skills in installation of safety double-glazing, ending up as Installations Manager for Ultralight Windows based in Reading.

Working in the industry gave Gordon valuable opportunity to develop skills in computer aided design and digital technology, which he hads sence been able to explore across all his professional artwork.

Skills in leading and managing a workforce, logistics, and budgets in a commercial environment  have proved invaluable in his career as an artist – he finds it easy to communicate and negotiate with clients, and to bring commissioned work in on time, and to budget, without compromising artistic integrity and quality of work.